Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Artist spotlight - Alto Nancy Cole

Nancy Cole
Nancy is the alto soloist for our forthcoming performance of Mozart Requiem and Haydn Maria Theresa Mass on Saturday 14 March. Originally from Lancashire, she is an alumni of Yorkshire Bach Choir and former music student at the University of York.  Now studying at the Royal College of Music she features as a soloist in a brand new recording of Bach with Yorkshire Baroque Soloists for Signum Records.

We begain by discussing the Mozart Requiem and Nancy commented:     It's a piece clouded in mystery! It's fascinating to think that Mozart never heard the final work as it was left incomplete by his early death. It certainly heightens the drama and the passion. I have sung it many times, and it remains one of my very favourites.

Tell me more about your time in York...
I studied here for two years and so it's always wonderful to return. It's such a welcoming place to come back to. Each time I come back it never feels like I've been away that long. And not a tube in sight!

What is the hardest thing about performing?

After all the preparations, the best thing you can do in performance is trust you know what your doing, not think too much and really enjoy the sensation of performing. Sometimes that can be the most difficult thing, but can lead to the best performances.

Is there any piece of music or repertoire that haven’t had the opportunity to perform yet but would like to?
I would love to perform the Sea Pictures with full orchestra one day. I've sung them with piano in the practice room but unleashing them with an Orchestra would be amazing.

Which living musician do you most admire?
I think Bryn Terfel is a fantastic personality. I love the way he sings classical music with such energy. He sings such a versatile amount of music, not just classical, without every compromising quality.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Music theatre. I've seen Wicked four times. 

Which non-classical musician would you love to work with?
I love folk music and how atmospheric it is. Dan Tyminski is one of my favourite artists - such a fantastic voice and spirit. 

When you’re not practicing or performing, how else do you like to spend your time?
After having resisted for many years, I like to exercise. Particularly with friends, like planning cycle trips or runs with obstacles...a group of us conquered a 'tough guy race' last year. And going to the theatre.

What keeps you awake at night?
Usually fragmented words of songs I'm learning going through my head. It can get very complicated in there.

What would your super power be?
The ability to remember everything you ever learnt.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
Damien Lewis, Beyoncé, Joyce DiDonato, Emila Fox & Stephen Sondheim

We look forward to hearing Nancy singing alongside other soloists Wendy Goodson (Soprano), Jason Darnell (Tenor) & Jamie Wright (Bass) in Mozart Requiem and Haydn Maria Theresa Mass with Yorkshire Bach Choir and Yorkshire Baroque Soloists on Saturday 14 March at 7.30pm at St Michael le Belfrey, York.

Tickets are available in advance at the National Centre for Early Music by clicking here:

Further details on Nancy Cole can be found on her website:

Nancy features on the new recording of JS Bach’s early version (1727) of St Matthew Passion (BWV 244b) which has just been released by Signum Records further details can be found here: Details of new recording

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